Ticks-Pest-Control-in- Pune

Ticks Pest Control in Pune

Ticks can be the most annoying of creatures as they’re extremely tiny and difficult to spot. What’s worse is that while they don’t spread diseases in humans, they can create a massive nuisance due to bites at night. Tick’s bites are usually in patterns like a line, circle or within a certain area of your body, since they’re small and travel slowly. Ticks control is of utmost importance as the longer we wait, the more problematic it could become. Our Ticks treatment is one of the best in the industry. Our Ticks pest control involves a 2 Round after 15 days as eggs cannot be destroyed by chemicals, except after they’re hatched.

Service Features

  • Our trained and knowledgeable hygiene experts find the hiding spots of the Ticks
  • Injection of mild odour spray to get rid of Ticks followed by next service after 15 days.
  • A mild odour spray is applied ensuring complete treatment against Ticks
  • This is followed by a second round of treatment after 15 days to kill newly hatched Ticks as their eggs cannot be destroyed at all.


  • 1st Service: Day 1
  • 2nd Service: Day 15
  • Manpower: 1

Terms & Conditions

  • Complaint Service is free of cost.
  • Service needs to be taken within 90 days of scheduled date
1 Room2850/-
1.5 BHK Or 2 BHK3850/-
2.5 BHK Or 3 BHK4850/-
3.5 BHK OR 4 BHK5850/-

Eco Friendly Pest Control shall not be held responsible for any damages to interior and/or exterior structures of building/rooms/walls/cabins/flats as the case may be which may occur while performing the duty to provide service in the matter.
We Have Trusted Employees, However All Our Customers Are Requested to Check the Employee Before They Leave the Premises If Required Any Subsequent Will Not Be Accepted. Service will be Provided till Satisfaction but No Refunds.

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